We want to help each student discover and come into confident possession of his/her unique abilities, demonstrate mastery of the academic foundational standards necessary for a successful future, and establish qualities that will enable him/her to become a healthy, productive citizen and community leader.

Strong Academics

YLA's innovative model is ideal for self-motivated students who want to experience success outside the traditional middle school setting in a small group, hands-on learning environment with a rigorous curriculum based on teamwork. YLA's core curriculum includes Science, English/Language Arts, Social Studies and Related Arts.

Building Healthy Habits

With a daily commitment to physical activity and healthy lifestyle choices, YLA hopes to instill healthy habits that will carry forward into adulthood, thus producing a healthier, more vibrant and active workforce.

Go Beyond the Classroom

On beautiful fall and spring days, our students love the opportunity to learn in one of our two outdoor classrooms.

Learning Made Fun

We've organized our school into four "houses", which compete during the year for various prizes.

Great Extracurriculars

We offer a number of great extracurricular activities, including YLA crossfit, beta club, robotics club, running club, and student council.

We also offer skills development in areas designed to help students grow in youth leadership, teamwork, environmental awareness and character education.

A Unique University Partnership

One of our key partners is the Clemson University Youth Learning Institute (YLI). The YLI team works with the University to achieve a mission of public service through research and programming. 30,000+ youth take part in their programs throughout South Carolina each year. Partners since the charter school's inception, Clemson University is one more reason why our school stands out.




Acres on Campus
6th Grader

What is a charter school?

A charter school is a different kind of public school. We have the freedom to innovate our teaching approach with different kinds of curriculum and staff. At the same time, we are held to the same high standards as all South Carolina public schools.

Like other public schools, we are open to any eligible student and do not charge tuition. We encourage all students to apply! Because of limited space, we use a lottery system to select students.

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